» What is a polarizing glass?
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What is a polarizing glass?


What is it exactly? What are the real advantages of these sunglasses? Can they be used in all situations? Some answers are given below.



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The principle behind polarization

Light waves travel in all directions: when they reflect on a plane surface (water, road, snow, etc.), their axis of vibration is modified. Light known as “polarized” is the one that only vibrates on a horizontal axis. It is that type of light that generates dazzle.


Polarizing glasses work according to the principle of Venetian blinds: they block the polarized light and only allow the light transporting information to filter through. Thus, it improves visual acuity by allowing a better reading of the information that reaches the eye.


Thus, polarized glass constitutes the best solution in a context of sport activities where one faces reflective surfaces.


Ideal on water

Water sports constitute the range of activities where the advantages of the polarizing glass are the most convincing: by eliminating reflection on the water surface, it improves visual acuity and reduces fatigue. Ideal when taking part in a regatta, it enables you to better spot wind movements on the water surface, which can prove to be essential in a competition.


On top of water sports, wearing polarizing sunglasses is especially indicated when enjoying any kind of activity on or near water, such as fishing.




On the road

Dazzle can be a source of discomfort and even of danger in certain situations, namely when driving. It is thus important to eliminate reflections and increase contrasts in order to properly perceive the information available on the road. Wearing polarizing sunglasses may constitute an adapted response, since they eliminate reflected light and only allow useful light to filter through. The tint of the glasses is also to be taken into consideration since it also contributes to a comfortable vision.


Two types of light conditions can prove to be dangerous: when the driver is facing the sun or when the sunlight reflects on the road or on another vehicle. In the first situation, high quality sunglasses may be sufficient. In the second case, polarizing glasses are necessary to avoid dazzle, by eliminating white light.



Mountain sports

Because of reflection, polarizing sunglasses are, once more, an advantage for mountain sports: it accentuates landscapes and contrasts, improves depth of field and eliminates reflecting rays. But it is good to know that in mountainous regions, the optical quality of sunglasses and their protection capacity are important.



sunglasses for everyone

Polarizing sunglasses obviously improves the whole set of visual acuity. This fact makes them a recommended equipment for multiple outdoor activities (cycling, golf, hiking, etc.) But it not exclusively for sportspersons, drivers or fishermen: its protective quality against UV rays and the comfort brought about when eliminating dazzle can be to anyone’s advantage and namely those who have difficulties in perceiving contrasts or have sensitive eyes, like elderly persons, those who had cataract surgery or those suffering from myopia.


Polarizing sunglasses in the world

Polarizing sunglasses is not easily adopted by the French and Europeans. In the United States and Australia, everyone wears them, to the extent that, since quite a long time, these two countries represent 90 % of the world sales of polarizing sunglasses.


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